Sending Lights - Haven [RBR 009]

by Riot Bike Records



released April 7, 2014


tags: punk Hamburg


all rights reserved


Riot Bike Records Hamburg, Germany

Riot Bike Records from Hamburg sees itself as an anti-sexist, anti-racist, non-homophobic "DIY" label. The primary claim of this label is, taking into account the above principles, giving bands opportunities to fulfill themselves / develop. A fair and open communication between band and label is our top priority.

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Track Name: Haven
Lights will guide me home
To a place where I belong
To a place where I feel save

This place is filled with my memories
I‘ve learned to fear
Every day I ask myself
Is this life worth waiting for?
Another time, another chance
Another life

Is this worth waiting for?
Track Name: Novels
The days we spent are over
You will always have your place in my heart
I hope that I can go on without you
And I dreamed of you in a different place

Take a picture of this moment
It could be the last of us
You lied another time into my face
And I can‘t stand all your stories

The last page is written

Do you really think that you can lie to me this way
I don‘t know what you feel about us
You were like a brother, a true friend to me
But you throw it all away

Do you really think that I would never care long enough?
Friendship you cannot buy

You lied another time in my face
And I can‘t stand all these stories Everything felt so right even though you had a second chance
You lied against a wall
Track Name: From Distances
All these long roads that I travelled
They seem so warm and endless in my heart
And all these faces and all these places that I saw Remind me of home
Even when I am far away from where I‘ve been

It‘s a poem, it‘s a novel
to unburden my heart to you

These endless roads
that I travelled
(These endless roads)
they seem so clear
(From distances)
and close to home (These endless roads)

Every morning that I awake and every day that I spend
It feels like home
Every place that I saw and everyone that I met
It felt like home

Precious and imperishable

(From distances is where I‘m counting my failures
Where I left my heart
And where I left my mind
Is this where I belong ?)